Poker Book Report: Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book by Phil Gordon

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Have you ever been wondering exactly what Phil Gordon was doing since leaving Celebrity Poker Showdown? And where’s he been because the Little Green Book turned into a best-selling poker publication that provided juicy championship plan and a large amount of poker-love between its cute little covers? Ok, perhaps not, but when Phil Gordon isn’t writing, it really is our collective loss, so that I really do tend to stay track.

As if we didn’t know, Phil GordonĀ dominoqq has been playing poker. The result of those notes is actually a compilation of hand and lessons evaluation specifically played out in No Limit Hold’em games where Phil was the crucial player, usually faced with a major choice.

What could easily be considered a boring lecture of odds, position, heap, profiling etc.. Gordon plays out a hand such as theater, letting you feel that the player’s stress, the satisfaction of earning a critical call, and also the anger and melancholy of being attracted out. Even better, in many of them hands Phil shows you where he went wrong, obviously making a less-than-stellar play, and then explaining how you are able to avoid such scenarios.

The situations include on the web tournaments, qualifying tournaments, leading buy-in tournaments, on the web NL cash games, and live NL cash games in some of the best selling casinos in the world. The bucks matches bring a fresh angle to Gordon’s writing since he has until now focused his writing talents on NL tournaments. And those hands are very intriguing. In a live casino match, he was way ahead and got his own rival to commit roughly $15,000 to of his chips into the pot, only to be coped runner-runner diamond sickout. Ouch. Pot was 30,000!

All of the hands arrive with a simple, easy-to-read dining table view with no distracting, contrasting images. Phil then proceeds to describe the essential specifics and attracts us through his thinking process while the hands develops. Phil’s humility is welcome as he employs it with a humorous twist and enables us all know that he too could be horrified in the face of aggression against an intimidating competition.

A number of these intriguing hands involve Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harmon, Chris Ferguson, Chris Moneymaker and DevilFish Ulliot. Essentially you get to some really high stakes games here, and also feel that the aggression .

Even though the Small Blue Book isn’t as captivating as the small Green Book, to Gordon’s credit, which is some act to follow along. Still, worth the 25 bucks because it’s a straightforward, fun read with thoughtprovoking, game advancing advice and would make a great present for your poker love as well.

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